Sunday, February 1, 2009

Online money transfer to India for NRIs

With the advent of SWIFT and other international inter-bank money transfer networks, the importance of other retail value transfer systems such as Western Union etc. have probably come down. As with the case of any internet based systems, online money transfer systems also offer convenience, speed, traceability etc. to its customers. Also, it allows remittances to be done within the comforts of home.

Following is a non-comprehensive list of varoius Indian banks offering online money transfer to India.

AxisRemit – This is a service offered by Axis Bank.

Money2India – This service is offered by ICICI Bank.

QuickRemit – This service is offered by HDFC Bank.

Citi Online Remit - This service is offered by Citi Bank.

Remit2India - This service is offered by Times Money

Most of these banks charge a nominal service fee and allow money to be transferred to any bank in India, not just the bank doing the transfer.

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Maxlandit said...

Free money transfer service is opening now...
its easyly and secure money transfer.

collection agency seattle said...

Citi Online Remit is what we use because you can do these transfers from almost all the countries in the world. Citi is a good company and their money transfer services live up to their value as a brand.

Marine said...

ICICIbank does it. Check out my blog for more details of their add.


Excellent breakdown

Ravindra shamsher said...

Nice post! Thank you for sharing great information. Your post makes my all concepts clear regarding NRI’s investment in Indian market.

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