Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Markets come of age?

From its teen ages, the SENSEX had nibbled the 20K mark yesterday and much of today’s opening was above the same though at present it’s trading slightly below 20K. By not creating hurdles for overseas investors when the market was precariously booming and making the flow of money into the Indian economy go through a transparent route, SEBI, the regulatory body of Indian securities market has proved that the Indian Securities Market is indeed strong in its fundamentals and is the best place in the world to invest.

Apart from Mukesh Ambani who has been rumored to top the list of billionaires in the world due to the current Bull Run in the market, small scale investors have also supposedly made money out of it. Some of the investors say that the current tide will take the market to the 25K levels; some foresee a small fall due to profit booking by investors that might happen in December. But let’s hope that the market won’t succumb to such things and continue its upward momentum for years to come. After all, I too am an investor :-)