Saturday, January 31, 2009

Educational Loans

The global economic recession and subsequent job loses allow for a good time (I’m not sure I should be saying as curtly, but it depends on how you look at it) to advance on one’s career by upgrading their educational skills by joining a good institution for higher studies. In such a situation, the expenses are well met through student loans; if you don’t have enough savings.

Private student loans are handy for the knowledge seeker in the sense, they generally have no collateral requirements, have an interest rate that’s fairly manageable and may need to be paid back once the applicant secures an employment (or may be six months from the time of course completion, as the case may be) once he/she has completed his/her studies.

College loans have always been a helping hand for the aspirers of knowledge. Most of the times, the availability of the loan depends very much on the institution in which one has secured an admission. It also allows students to not depend on their parent’s worth for pursuing higher education.

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Prathi said...

Its good that education loans are really helping many of us to reach to our dreams. But the interst charged i.e 12% is really not fair. I feel, its not justice charging higher rate for students as we are living on uncertain future and we are not makin profit from our investment...I feel its a burden to the students in one way..Isn't it Sir?