Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another ‘road not taken’ story

IIM grads opting out of placements to start their own venture are no great news these days. But when one destines to sell vegetables on the streets of Bihar, with a bigger dream of making Bihar the vegetable hub of India, it demands applause. Especially when the person is an IIM Ahmedabad topper!

Kaushalendra, popularly known as ‘MBA sabziwala’ among his customers, hails from a family of agricultural background. Currently he is on a well set path of achieving his dream, as he has tied up with over 250 vegetable growers in Nalanda and Patna districts of Bihar. He has also come up with a unique push-cart capable of carrying 200 kilos of vegetables, with an attached weighing machine and is ice cooled to keep vegetables fresh for 5 days, sold under the brand name ‘Samridhi’. Kaushalendra says it was his childhood dream to contribute to the development of rural Bihar.

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