Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sub-prime woes haunting the US

While the US bleeds of sub-prime wounds, most of the mortgages taken through sub-prime borrowing are now facing foreclosure. People who have taken such loans to build/buy houses are vacating it subsequent to court verdicts.

The gravity of the situation comes out clearly in this news reported by the New York Times. Quoting them,
The problem of vacant homes is all the more striking when considered against predictions by economists that a couple of million more homes will enter foreclosure in the next two years, said Cheryl Lang, president of Integrated Mortgage Solutions, a company based in Houston that contracts with Mr. McCallister and Mr. Law on behalf of mortgage companies.
With the consequent economic decline leading to more and more layoffs/job cuts, I guess the situation in the US is going to spiral out in the days to come. Feel like the sub-prime crisis had much more in its store than expected!

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Its time for the second leg of subprime.