Monday, May 26, 2008

Elderly Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is used to cover medical expenses, financial and other losses (due to theft, delayed departure etc.) incurred while one is traveling. Travel insurance is available for students, businessmen, tourists, adventurers and for that matter, even ordinary domestic and international travelers. While it is widely used in developed countries such as USA, UK etc., it’s becoming increasingly popular in countries like India.

Like any other insurance products, travel insurance products also are unfriendly to the senior citizens as most of the policies would either have strict age limits or higher premiums for the elderly. This comes as an irony when we have retirement plans, low cost airlines and holiday packages that enable more and more people to save and travel during old age.

Recently, I came across a site called Covermytravels that offers travel insurance for senior citizens at a very lower cost compared to other insurers. Elderly Travel Insurance gives travel insurance quotes with in seconds (which is completely online) and is very user friendly. They have single trip per year and multi trip per year policies and also have some optional benefits such as ‘Winter Sports Cover’ that could be added to the travel insurance. They also give assistance to customers over telephone who want clarifications before deciding on the travel insurance they require.

Overall, an outstanding option senior traveler could bang on and I hope sites like this would be a great relief for elder travelers.


The Admin Team said...

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Nagarjun Reddy said...

The travel insurance will take care of loss of passport, trip delays, medical expenses, baggage losses, trip cancellation, personal accident and many other such issues that may occur while you are on your foreign tour for leisure or business.You can go to compare and choose the insurance policy as per your requirement.

Sahil Doshi said...
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Sahil Doshi said...

Travel insurance is really necessary for financial security during travel, Its more importance while you are traveling international. I would like to make a suggestion, please go to HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company for taking a global travel insurance.