Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inflation rates of India (2012)

This post tracks inflation rates of India for the year 2012. To have a look at previous inflation rates, please read,
- Inflation rates of India (2010)
- Inflation rates of India (2009)
- Inflation rates of India (2008)

Before that, a few facts about inflation rate calculation in India.
- Inflation in India is based on Wholesale Price Index
- A set of 435 commodities are used for the WPI based inflation calculation
- The base year for WPI calculation is 1993-94
- WPI is available at the end of every month, for a period of 1 year ended that month

Latest Inflation Rate
- 2012 Feb - 6.95% (via)
(for 12 months ended on the given month)

Previous Inflation Rates (for 12 months ended on given month)
- 2012 Feb - 6.95% (via)
- 2012 Jan - 6.55% (via)

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- Inflation rates of India (2010)
- Inflation rates of India (2009)
- Inflation rates of India (2008)
- How is WPI inflation rate calculated in India?
- Commodities and their weight-ages in WPI calculation of India
- Base year and number of commodities used for inflation calculation in India
- The magic of Inflation


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