Friday, April 3, 2009

New Symbol for Indian Rupee

The Government of India has invited the public to suggest a symbol for the Indian Rupee. Just as the Dollar is universally denoted by $‚ the government thinks that the Rupee should also have its own unique symbol that captures a sense of India’s history and culture.

ToI has put up a list of symbols for Rupee on their website and would present the top voted ones before the government. They also have an option through which people can suggest a different symbol.

You could also vote for one of those symbols or can also send in your suggestions. Personally, I prefer ‘ru’ written in Sanskrit/Hindi without a bar on top. Long time our currency had a symbol of its own.

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don said...

My symbol is in the link below:

You will find whatever, you suggested as part of it, and many more like Swastika symbol, King’s face used in ancient currencies, Ashok Chakra, Number 0, letters e.g, R,S,P,U,E,I etc. even र or रु, holy signs like sacred kalash and also the sign of stability along with its negotiation with foriegn currencies with the use of horizontal bar having two open arms facing upward & downward to keep up with market fluctuation and finally as a whole visual representation of an emperor with one sword facing upward in right hand to fight enemies and the other one in left hand facing downward to hole peace in his country but yet it is so simple!

Sujith C said...

> don
that symbol u got has a great explanation associated with it man. why dont u send it to Economic Times guys?

Soumen Das said...

the mailId bounces my mail

Sujith C said...

> Soumen Das
Hmm.. Donno what the Economic Times guys are upto :-(

Soumen Das said...

Please refer to the link below:

mewool said...

Govt.of India , economic affair department ran a competetion to design a symbol for rupee like dollar have $ at its website

here is my entery to the contest..
My simplest yet worthy “peace of art” for Indian Rupee Symbol link..

Soumen Das said...

This is to inform you that my Symbol's WordPress content is in the link below:

Anonymous said...

From the day one I am closely following this great Indian bureaucracy tamasha . By profession I am concept head and brand strategy planner… in my career I launched national as well international brands
What I noticed and learned is… failing of brand and not getting recognised in market as a brand ….
Not only depends upon how you marketed that brand….but also how much efforts your creative powerhouse taken to create that image…
So to create a successful brand identity the whole process of brainstorming and vibes of designers should be clear from all kind doubt and blames.
But its oposit here in designing of rupee symbol case, whole process came under doubts from the day one because of its very confusing and unclear guidelines.
And lately RTI filed by someone from design field which exposed other discrepancies in short listing process too. More than 800 shortlisted entries were never been published in public domain…. while declaring eligible number of shortlisted design entries.
So, finally I set with my advocate and drafted down below Open RTI application… which any one of you could file it..
It takes us 3 working days to understand what really going and finally drafted all our queries on paper.
We divided queries in 4 separate RTI’s because some time authorities rejected RTI application by saying you are asking too much information.
RTI is a best tool to fight bureaucracy and injustice …making an application under RTI and asking for specific information, the department has to furnish the information within 1 month. If the applicant is not happy or all the information asked for is not provided then an appeal lies to appellate authority designated in that department.
Later on this becomes the base for filing a suit in the court.
Let me make it very clear here guys we the Young and creative mind of India is not so dull to follow a mute justice!!
We are lucky to have one last chance, as a RTI ….to make some positive change for the betterment of our Currency symbol design and by participating in this exercise we can get our dignity back…
So guys file RTI Now…
Step By Step Guidelines - How to File RTI for “Symbol for Indian Rupee” Under RTI ACT 2005:
1. Download the editable RTI file from here - which includes total 4 numbers of RTI’s by clicking above link.
2. Read full RTI application and fill all requested information from your end.
3. Now click on this given link which will take you to state wise Post offices locator on Indian Post office website.
4. Find nearest Post office and ask for 10RS/- Indian Postal order (IPO) in favor of Accounts officer, Appellate Authority Deptt. Of Economic Affairs, New Delhi .
5. Fill your IPO information in each RTI application and make photocopy of each IPO too.
6. Now make photocopy of all 4 final completely filled RTI application.(for your reference)
7. Post all 4 RTI applications with IPO in 4 different sealed envelope via POST OFFICE REGISTED POST/ Speed post ONLY.
8. To - Shri Surjit Singh., Director & Appellate Authority Deptt. Of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Room No. 68, North Block,New Delhi - 110001
9. Don’t forget to collect your all 4 postal proof of mailing
10. Now go to and check your speed post delivery status online.
Note: Under RTI ACT 2005 no application will be entertained without paying 10Rs fee.
Have happy RTIing

Eldon said...

R with a + mark running at the center - this highlights the north - east - south and west zones of india, ALL UNITED TOGETHER AT R

Anonymous said...

1. Hindustan Times reported about “Indian Rupee Design Scam”
Hindustan Times Hindi- Lucknow 18 March
Hindustan Times Hindi- Lucknow 19 March
2. The Economic Times Hindi New Delhi 22-03-10

Anonymous said...

seminar on investing and trading.. wow!! sounds really interesting...just check the link for further details

vrthra said...

Why not simply use '+' as the symbol to denote it? (or perhaps a stylized + with longer vertical stroke or as a small sign on the upper right hand corner smaller than the figure height)

i.e 10+ as Rs10

+ is the symbol for Ka in brahmi
and brahmi is the earliest of all Indian scripts. So it could stand for _tanka_ which was the earlier name for rupee. alternatively it could also stand for rupyaka of sanskrit from which rupee is derived.

It being in brahmi is a bonus because our nation pays homage to emperor Ashoka and brahmi was the script developed during his time possibly under his direction.

It also satisfies the requirement of usability from a standard keyboard since '+' is available in all keyboards, and it is easy to write for some one since it is just two strokes.

Vikram Verma said...

Why symbol should be "R"
Why not it should be "i"
for debate please visit "INR currency Symbol – Critical analysis… "

John mcroe said...

This is actually good since it helps give the Indian currency a sign of identification in the International market.

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