Sunday, February 8, 2009

India could soon beat China in GDP growth rate

The current global economic decline and a sharp fall in an export dependant China’s GDP growth rate could make India the fastest growing among large economies, at least for a quarter. China’s GDP growth rate was 6.8% during October ~ December 2008 quarter, well with in India’s reach.

ToI says,
If India achieves a better growth rate than China even for one quarter, the message will go across to the world and help India in wooing foreign capital, waiting to chase growth stories.
The Indian economists are hopeful because of the fact that China’s export constitutes 37% of its economy against 13% in the case of India; which would make India suffer less. India had achieved 7.9% and 7.6% growth in April ~ June and July ~ September quarters, according to provisional numbers and it is expected that the softening of interest rates will stimulate demand and ensure a faster growth rate than China for the quarter October ~ December 2008.

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