Sunday, August 9, 2009

Inflation rates of India (2009)

This post tracks inflation rates of India for the year 2009, like Inflation rates of India (2008) did for 2008. Before that, a few facts about inflation rate calculation in India.

- Inflation in India is based on Wholesale Price Index
- A set of 435 commodities are used for the WPI based inflation calculation
- The base year for WPI calculation is 1993-94
- WPI is available at the end of every week (generally Saturday), for a period of 1 year ended that day
- It has a time lag of 2 weeks (WPI for the year ended two weeks back will be available this week)

Latest Inflation Rate
- 2009 Nov - 4.78% (via)
(for 12 months ended on the given month)

Previous Inflation Rates (for 12 months ended on given date/month)
- 2009 Oct - 1.34% (via)
- 2009 Oct 17 - 1.51% (via)
- 2009 Oct 10 - 1.21% (via)
- 2009 Oct 03 - 0.92% (via)
- 2009 Sep 26 - 0.70% (via)
- 2009 Sep 19 - 0.83% (via)
- 2009 Sep 12 - 0.37% (via)
- 2009 Sep 05 - 0.12% (via)
- 2009 Aug 29 - (-0.12)% (via)
- 2009 Aug 22 - (-0.21)% (via)
- 2009 Aug 15 - (-0.95)% (via)
- 2009 Aug 08 - (-1.53)% (via)
- 2009 Aug 01 - (-1.74)% (via)
- 2009 Jul 25 - (-1.58)% (via)
- 2009 Jul 18 - (-1.54)% (via)
- 2009 Jul 11 - (-1.17)% (via)
- 2009 Jul 04 - (-1.21)% (via)
- 2009 Jun 27 - (-1.55)% (via)
- 2009 Jun 20 - (-1.30)% (via)
- 2009 Jun 13 - (-1.14)% (via)
- 2009 Jun 06 - (-1.61)% (via)
- 2009 May 30 - 0.13% (via)
- 2009 May 23 - 0.48% (via)
- 2009 May 16 - 0.61% (via)
- 2009 May 09 - 0.61% (via)
- 2009 May 02 - 0.48% (via)
- 2009 Apr 25 - 0.75% (via)
- 2009 Apr 18 - 0.57% (via)
- 2009 Apr 11 - 0.26% (via)
- 2009 Apr 04 - 0.18% (via)
- 2009 Mar 28 - 0.26% (via)
- 2009 Mar 21 - 0.31% (via)
- 2009 Mar 14 - 0.27% (via)
- 2009 Mar 07 - 0.44% (via)
- 2009 Feb 28 - 2.43% (via)
- 2009 Feb 21 - 3.03% (via)
- 2009 Feb 14 - 3.36% (via)
- 2009 Feb 7 - 3.92% (via)
- 2009 Jan 31 - 4.39% (via)
- 2009 Jan 24 - 5.07% (via)
- 2009 Jan 17 - 5.64% (via)
- 2009 Jan 10 - 5.60% (via)
- 2009 Jan 3 - 5.24% (via)

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Very high inflation rates.
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Anonymous said...

India's current inflation figure is not realistic as per the current echonomic situation.

Anonymous said...

plz tell what is the current inflation rate in india?

sukalyan said...

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can anyone provide the detail info of inflated economy..

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pls provide the inflation rate of 10/12/2009. pls update it its outdated which should be not there.

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