Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is a Core Banking System?

Core Banking System or Core Banking Solution is a term that we hear very often these days. For IT and Banking folks, this term doesn’t need any explanation but for those who want to know a bit, here’s a brief overview of what it means.

Previously a bank’s core operations such as keeping a ledger of various transactions, maintaining customer information, interest calculation of loans and deposits, adjustments to accounts on withdrawal and deposits of funds etc. were done manually. With the advent of ICT (Information & Communications Technology), efforts were done to automate various banking processes using software applications so as to make them simple, efficient, effortless and cost effective. Thus, the platform where ICT is used to perform the core operations of a bank, like those mentioned above, is known as Core Banking System.

In Core Banking System, software applications record transactions, maintain customer information, calculate interest on loans and deposits etc. The data, instead of huge ledgers, are stored in backend databases in digital form. Now, the same software can be installed in various branches of a bank and can be interconnected through the internet or telephone lines to form a core banking network of the bank. The advantage, a customer can operate on his account from any branch of the bank and if the bank owns Internet Banking or ATM facilities, then the customer can operate on his account from virtually anywhere.

Thus, Core Banking System has radically changed the way in which banks function. The greatest advantage of having a Core Bank System is that new features and functionalities can be easily added to the system that customers will have a whole lot of services that they can use. Electronic funds transfer between banks, online trading in the stock markets etc. are examples of this, which were unheard of in banks pre Core Banking System era.


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