Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Financial Products Information

Information is of highest value in the world of finance, especially when we have an umpteen number of finance related products and services available at our finger tips and would want to choose one from those. The ubiquitous internet gives us all the information we need, but being so large also has certain side effects, as the information we seek in the internet would be as scattered as it can be. That is where having a single platform or website for accessing all the information we need helps. Money.co.uk is one such website, where information related to finance can be read.

The portal contains thousands of articles related to the finance area, which is arranged into various categories such as loans, credit cards, mortgages, savings and accounts, insurance, stock markets etc. It also tells us of various financial products and services available around. And the best part is one can do a comparative analysis of various products and services, for example to compare mortgages, and select the best out of the set that fits his or her need. And for those who do not want to buy anything, but just want to know of the latest news in the world of finance, there are separate sections dedicated for the latest finance news.

The credit card section of the site lists down the most popular credit cards available in the market. Also there are various comparison tables in the credit cards section, which are based on features of a credit card such as balance transfer, cash back and rewards, air miles etc. Each comparison table lists down providers of cards having the selected feature. The site also provides credit card quotes. The insurance area is detailed in the site using which we can select quality insurance policies having minimal cost. In both these cases, we can apply for the product right from the website.

The site is updated with latest contents (news, articles etc.) everyday and to keep us updated of new content, they have an RSS feed in the website. Readers can subscribe to this feed in their feed readers to get to know of new articles as soon as something is posted in the site. The site also has a weekly newsletter to which the readers can subscribe to just by entering their email ids. This would useful for those people who wants themselves to be updated with the latest happenings in the finance world but don’t have enough time to visit the site everyday.

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