Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are you game for an early retirement?

Gone are the days on which people want to work till sixty for maintaining their earnings, promotions and stuff. Nowadays, may be due to high pressure jobs and stressful lives, people want to retire from their career and lead a peaceful life as early as possible.

This article from Economic Times would make some of you think of retiring early and plan your strategies accordingly. Now, what could be the first step for early retirement?

According to the article,
We spoke to financial experts, and also a few smart people who actually managed to retire early from their active careers, and asked them for tips on how to retire early. Everyone was unanimous about the first step - make sure retirement stays at the top of your priority list.
Well, which I feel is not incorrect; but how many of us have retirement planning as our top priority?

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trade4target said...

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