Thursday, May 1, 2008

From rags to riches

A crorepati who lives in a hut!

The awe-inspiring story of a first generation entrepreneur! Sarath opens up his mind about the hardships he faced while making his company a success. I particularly liked the following statement he makes.

Quoting Sarath,
We talk about India shining and India growing, but we should ensure that people do not die of hunger. We can be a developed country but we should not leave the poor people behind. I am worried for them because I know what hunger is... Thoughts that are quite in line with the article by Pankaj Mishra about which I wrote in this post.

Sarath is a classmate of mine from IIMA's MBA programs. I hope that his story will be an inspiration for each and every one of us to start something similar and take India to one of the topmost countries in the world.

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