Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Entrepreneurship, the next Indian way?

I was reading an article that came on rediff which talked about a few young entrepreneurs who started something that they were passionate about and then succeeded in it. A techie who started a restuarant, a gamer who started a gaming company, another techie who started a resort; great and inspiring stories!

I have always felt that India is a land of family owned businesses. Almost all the big business names in India have the same story behind it. I know, there are a few Infosyses out there, but then, when you take the larger picture the names you would hear would be nothing but the Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis, Wadias, Bajajs, etc. Okay, when they all started they did it through the entrepreneurship way, but the point is there isn't enough entrepreneurial ventures in India being started these days, not to the extent that the country can produce.

Is it because of the lack of availability of funds? If it was 10 years ago I would have definitely considered this sentence, but now, with a lot of Venture Capital Funds operating in India, I would not agree to that. During this year's placement at IIMA, along with companies, a few VC Funds also visited the campus to hear whether the bright minds in the country have got any bright ideas with them so that they can pour the required money to let those ideas see the light of the day. Now, that was a welcome change. Hmm.. India is not only shining but changing too!

I hope the talents in our country would get inspired by the stories such as those posted by rediff and do some thing substantial to take our country towards the next era.

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